Whyte got the shaft (pun intended) when sheriff’s deputies

I assuming you have a set number if rounds. If you just draft until rosters are full even better. Just load up on young guys with upside.. Whyte got the shaft (pun intended) when sheriff’s deputies busted her and others doing their thing at Athena’s Forum, a swingers’ club, in January 1999. Whyte claimed all along that she was engaged in nothing more lewd than a little suggestive dancing with her fianc Two undercover cops lounging clothing free in a nearby hot tub, however, claim they saw some fondling going on. Oh my! So they later called in their jackbooted backups, who proceeded to round up all patrons suspected of doing the nasty in a private club. Gracious! The entire lascivious pack was sent off to the hoosegow, and Broward became a little less of a Gomorrah, at least for a few hours, after which the fornicators presumably made bail and jumped right back into a writhing pile of flesh. Shocking! Not to be outdone by the prudes at the Sheriff’s Office, the school board made it a top priority to fire Whyte or at least to humiliate her for the crime of having a life outside the classroom. She did them one better and quit earlier this year.

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